Medium 4th of July Sudoku

Uncle Sam called and he wants you to play Medium 4th of July Sudoku! If you have mastered 4th of July Sudoku Easy from 24/7 Games then this is the game for you! There are hundreds of sudoku puzzles available to play in this level of difficulty, you will never run out of online sudoku! Medium 4th of July Sudoku is still solvable with simple logic, you just have to play a little bit harder to win since there are no longer the surplus of answers you will find with 4th of July Sudoku Easy!

The strategy of this sudoku game is the same as your other favorite 4th of July Sudoku games! Strategically place the numbers 1 through 9 into each row, column, an d3x3 square only once. Remember, if you enter a wrong answer into an open space than you will add time to your score.

Medium 4th of July Sudoku is the perfect way to continue improving your sudoku game! Before long you will be mastering Hard 4th of July Sudoku and maybe even Expert 4th of July Sudoku! Increase your brain power with these ever challenging online games from 24/7 games! So grab your 4th of July picnic and settle down to play web sudoku!

Sudoku Puzzle Game

  • Uncle Sam wants you! To play Medium 4th of July Sudoku!
  • Donít be deterred! This level of difficulty is still played with simple logic, you just have to give it a little more thought without the superfluous clues of easy sudoku.
  • Medium 4th of July Sudoku is still played the same as all other levels of difficulty of 4th of July Sudoku.

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